November 29, 2022

4th Dec. 2022/ Experiential experiments #2 

Raw mind+fulness is the second event in a series of curated experiences @ droog. This time, we will focus on debunking mindfulness and approaching it from a simple and mundane perspective. Again, we will co-create an inspiring space and focus on critical engagement with different artistic and mundane practices and objects through a multidisciplinary approach.

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Ikebana is a traditional Japanese flower arrangement technique and philosophy. “Ikebana reflects the person who arranged it.” is the basic principle of Sogetsu Ikebana. Flowers, no matter how beautiful, come from nature. In the process, we use them to create beauty guided by our feelings and intuition. Uno Fujisawa, who has Sogetsu Ikebana experience of more than 10 years, will share with us ‘How to capture/ discover the beauty with Ikebana’. During her Ikebana journey, a hard lockdown happened back in 2020. Since then, she was forced to redirect her focus on using vegetables and fruits for making Ikebana, cooking and eating the materials used for Ikebana to express the concept: To feel ‘life’ is to feel ‘connection’.  During this workshop, we will all make our own Edible Ikebana and eat together the materials which you use for making it.  We will all feel more profoundly connected after this workshop.