February 21, 2023

Edible Story of Kumquat and Bitter orange / 2023

I was in the market two weeks ago. It was cold, but the light told us the spring is almost here.

I don’t know why, but I bought three different citrus on that day, mandarin orange, bitter orange and kumquat.

I asked the shop lady that where the bitter oranges came from?

She said ‘It’s from Spain!’ and stepped like a flamenco.

I cooked the kumquat comport and made marmalade with the bitter orange.

I’ve used brown sugar from Okinawa, Japan. For marmalade, I use normal sugar from here.

The comport was successful!
I cooked marmalade quiet long time ago and I followed my old recipe this time, but I couldn’t understand some of explanations what I wrote (it was too rough😅) so after I’ve cooked it, I realised I mistook some of steps.

Ok, my marmalade journey keeps going on! I need to save them🙌