February 23, 2023

\ Edible Story of Mandarin orange and Nameko /2023

I was in the market last weekend. It was windy and I was in tears and my nose was running because of wind.

I had an appoint with Takako @takakohamano_art after market, so I was running to market and my atelier to make some arrangements.

Recently I bought and use mandarin orange a lot for arrangement, I was looking for another way to trimming the beauty of it. Then I realised I forgot my Ikebana scissors at home😨

Likely I have some cutlery at there and I used it.

Without scissors was developed new technique for making this arrangement and I was quite happy about it.

I quickly cleaned up and run to Takako. She said ‘ This one for you.’ and gave me this homemade Miso.

I gave the one of mandarin orange to her. She was curious about this suspicious peeled one, but she was smiling after I explained all story about it.

I know it’s a weird to gift semi-peeled mandarin orange and receive it. But I thought she would accept this action.

The Nameko became a ingredients for Miso soup of the dinner. Of course the miso is from Takako. It was tasty.