February 12, 2023

\ Edible Story of Postelein/2023

I was with Takako @takakohamano_art few weeks ago and she showed me one of her drowning which using Postelein ink. She told me that she heard we can get wild Postelein everywhere from Chika @atelierchikaito .

I was biking to home after meeting this week. It’s my daily using street.

Some how the story was deeply in my mind and I think unconsciously I was looking for the wild Postelein. Then I’ve found it!

I was rushing to my home and I didn’t pick it up when I found it. I went back next day with proper tools and picked up some of them.

I was thinking how to eat. Just salad is nice, also I can make rice ball with it. But one of the image when I picked up Postelein from ground was in my mind(I made a small hole 「after harvest it.) It’s too 「direct translation to food, but I took the image for dish.

The wild Postelein is more sour than what I buy at the market.