January 31, 2023

\ Edible Story of Swiss chard / 2023

It was a cold rainy Saturday.
I was in the market. 

My spinach umbrella

Swiss chard is always attractive. I love the colour of the stem.

I focus to show the stem when I made the arrangement.

Week 2-3/ 2023

In the end, it became two dishes.

Beautiful stem!

The leave of Swiss chard became ‘Gomaae’(sesame dressing leaves) and the stem for Japanese style Tempura. 


The tempura reminds me one of my food experience.

Once, one of my favourite Basque chef cooked Swiss chard for me. It was home style dish and it’s similar like Tempura. The batter was seasoning and served it with mustard. It was so astute and special. He told me the story of the dish. Him mom cooked a lot of it for dinner. He went out to drink with some friends after dinner. He said ‘Already it’s a middle of the night, but you know, I’m slightly hungry and I found the left over of the dish on the table. Just took some of it and that’s the best!’.

I don’t drink, but I totally understood what he said.

I should try his style next time 🙂

Swiss chard Tempura